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Welcome to our FAQ’s page. To access answers from any of the common questions below simply click the question or the ‘+’ sign to the right of the question to reveal the answer.

If you have a question that is not listed please don’t hesitate to get in touch. No question is too silly or not important enough to ask and our highly experienced staff are more than willing to help so make sure you take advantage of that!

Recently one of the most frequent areas of concern for parents is the amount of ball time a child is getting at their local junior club. Many parents who see their child falling behind are noticing that their child may only touch the ball 2 or 3 times in a 45 minute session. This is unacceptable.

You’ll be happy to hear that we do not train this way. Our methodology involves lots of ball work meaning your child should be touching the ball anywhere between 500 or 1000 times in a 1 hour Striker Academy session.

It’s not rocket science but it equates to: more quality ball touches = better players!

My child is already at a club. Will training at Striker Academy affect this?

No. Striker Academy is not a club so anyone can train with us if you are or aren’t at a club already.

Training with us does not affect your club registration.

Many of our players are at local junior clubs and come to Striker Academy for professional skills training, extra training and a different style of training.

What's the difference between Striker Academy and my local junior football club?

Striker Academy is all about helping your child become a better player. Our focus is on the individual skill development of players. A local junior club is about developing a team.

We employ highly qualified professional coaches, many who are ex-players. Your local football club will be run by well meaning volunteers – usually mums and dads.

Our coaches undergo extensive and continual skills training to make sure they provide the most up to date knowledge and information in football coaching. We are not restricted to FA courses and we usually choose private course providers who have courses more in tune with our training methodology to help develop strong, confident players.

Not all but most local junior football club coaches will be FA level 1 or working towards this basic qualification.

My child is very shy. Is Striker Academy the right environment for him?

Our coaches are experienced in dealing with shy children of all ages however the co-operation and patience from parents is the best way to help give your child the boost of confidence and support they need in taking the vital step of getting involved.

Call or email the office for further guidance or help in this.

Will I / my child get scouted for a club at Striker Academy?

Our philosophy at Striker Academy is ‘player development’. The main focus on every Striker Academy Soccer Schools course is that all children achieve success regardless of ability.

Players will not be scouted on Striker Academy Soccer Schools courses. However, we hope that everybody will leave the course knowing how to become a better player and how to score goals.

Players that show exceptional ability may be given details of where to take their child for the next stage in their development. Please speak to your head coach for more details or call the office.

What experience do Striker Academy coaches have?

All coaches are minimum FA Level 1 qualified giving them a great grounding in basic child welfare knowledge, first aid and player development.

However, all coaches are then trained ‘the Striker Academy way’ to ensure they continue to meet the high level expected by you and can provide the right coaching to all abilities from beginners through to elite players.

Striker Academy coaches are specially trained to coach goal scoring skills, game-changer skills and first-touch and have extensive footballing knowledge.

Above all, our coaches will show a commitment to you and your child that you will not have experienced at any other football club or soccer school.

Striker Academy Soccer Schools is committed to the safety and welfare of all children attending our courses and has a Child Protection Policy in place. On all our courses there is a minimum of 1 qualified first-aider.

Are all coaches CRB / DBS checked?

Yes. All coaches are Enhanced CRB checked and we actaully do request and follow up on references. You can request to see a copy of any coaches CRB should you need to. Simply contact the office for more information.

What do I need to bring to my child's 1st training session

Your child will need suitable clothing for either indoors football or outdoors football depending on where you have chosen to train.

A Striker Academy kit is provided (t-shirt, shorts, socks) when you join.

Indoor Footwear: we highly recommend ‘Astro-Trainers’ which are designed with lots of mini rubber studs on the sole. Great for grip on indoor playing surfaces. These can also be used on grass in the summer when the ground is hard.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes free trials are available for new customers only on courses that have available spaces.

Free trials are only for customers that are serious about their child joining Striker Academy and want to view the training in action first.

If any abuse of our free trials are suspected you will be required to pay the training fees and your child may be banned from all future activities at Striker Academy.

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    Interested in bringing my 2 and a half year old to Christleton tomorrow morning-do I just turn up?

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    I would love to get my little boy involved in one of you classes he is 2 next month but loves kicking and playing football, we live near Chester would there be any suitable classes please?

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      Thanks Melanie, replied via email.

      Best wishes,

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    Dear Sir,

    I am 17 years living in Malta and playing in a striker position with one of the best teams under 19 of age.

    Can you please instruct me whether I am eligible to come for a free trial?

    Do you have scholarships?

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