The Academy, Striker Training Warrington

The Academy caters for players aged 6 to 12 years old looking to improve their striker skills and become better

Striker Football Training Warrington

Striker Football Training Warrington

football players.

The focus on this specialist course is all about goal scoring and all the elements neccessary to help you become a good, if not great, striker.

We have players from varied backgrounds. Some are already playing for professional clubs and are looking for extra training in this specialist field. Others play for their local clubs and want to improve their skill set or even change their position and become a striker or attacking player. And some are beginners looking to learn how to become a striker.

To cater for all abilities we split classes (where possible) into Beginners, Intermediate and Elite. This ensures each player gets the right level of coaching for their ability and is the best way for a player to improve and progress quickly.

The types of things you’ll learn and improve on at The Academy are:

  • Speed
  • Ball Mastery and Ball Control
  • Fast Feet Skills and Tricks
  • Decision Making
  • Shooting Technique and Accuracy
  • Confidence and Self Esteem

If you are interested in becoming a striker or want to imrove your striker skills and become a better player then you can call our freephone number and book on to a course now. Call 0800 756 9835 during office hours.

Or you can email

New sessions start on April 26th
The Academy (8-10 yrs) 11am-12pmSUNDAYS
April 26th - July 12th
Outdoors, Sankey High SchoolBook2 PLACES ONLY
The Academy (11-12 yrs) 12pm-1pmSUNDAYS
April 26th - July 12th
Outdoors, Sankey High SchoolBookAvailable