Bradley Street Age 10

Class: Private 1-2-1 Football Coaching
Club: Woolston Rovers, Warrington, UKboy kicking ball

Bradley joined our Academy class in December and after six weeks of training his father, Mike, decided he wanted a more personal and tailored approach to help his son push on to the next level so opted for Private 1-2-1 Football Coaching with us.

Before Bradley attended Striker Academy we could see that he was already in the top 20% of players. He already had an excellent understanding of the game, good skill level, excellent agility and speed and a very good eye for scoring.

The challenge for us was to get Bradley to a level where he could either get scouted by one of the ‘big four’ Premier League Academies or be confident in going for trials there.

Bradley is now on a 13 week program and Coach Imtiaz is working on some key areas to develop Bradley’s skill level, confidence, first touch and critical eye pattern behaviours to help Bradley achieve his dream of becoming a professional football player. Imtiaz will also be providing Bradley with specialist sports psychology guidance to help him further develop his mental toughness.

Hi Imtiaz, Just a quick email to update you that the team won the tournament.¬†Brad played 8, scored 7. Hatrick, double & the only goal in the final. Can’t thank you enough for coaching him, whether they won or not. He took everything to the pitch that you’ve taught him and it was a joy to watch.¬† Your time is much appreciated. He wouldn’t be the player he is today without you. Thanks Imtiaz.

Mike Street (Bradley’s Dad)

bradley street

Bradley showing his winners cup and medal

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