Striker Academy is only as good as you tell us it is. To ensure we are providing the right and appropriate service we ask parents and children what they think and any areas where we can improve on. Here’s a selection of those reviews and comments:

“Jacob has been coming to Striker Academy for 12 months now and we have seen a real progression in terms of his football skills and also his ability to play as part of a team.” Lyndsey Stanley, Warrington Mini Strikers

“Elliot has really improved over the last 3 years, we are very happy with his progress. Danielle is doing a great job, she is really good with the kids.” Kara Crook, Warrington Mini Strikers

“He is really enjoying playing football and gaining confidence. Keep up the good work. Great for the community!” Sue Egerton, Warrington Academy Skills Class

“Great communication, good structure to the training, friendly coach who seems to get a good amount of respect from the children.” Gary Sergeant, Northwich Mini Strikers Appleton

“The move to Sunday was a good one. The games are ace, well thought out. I’ve tried other soccer schools but this (Striker Academy) is by far the best. Great coaches, great community.” Steve Norris, Warrington Mini Strikers

“I think you’re running a fantastic football academy. We are very pleased with it and Logan loves coming. His team skills and confidence are getting better and he is listening a lot better.” Chris Prescott, Warrington Mini Strikers

“Steven has improved a lot since joining.” Andy Bryning, Wirral Mini Strikers

“His progression has been great and coincided well with him starting school. He is struggling when it comes to the game at the end of each session as he still quite doesn’t understand the ‘match’ concept and is a little timid in his tackling (would rather avoid it) but I’m sure this will come with age.

The sessions are great and the coaches are great, mixed with the right amount of kids per class. Harry recently moved up from the Tiny Strikers class to the Mini Striker class.” Gavin Lamb, Warrington Mini Strikers

“He is progressing really well. I am very happy with his skills development. His control of the ball has improved massively.” Emma Williams, Runcorn Mini Strikers

“He is now much better than when he started. An excellent option for early years development.” Lewis McVey, Warrington Mini Strikers

“Dylan has progressed a lot since coming to Striker Academy. He loves coming here and he takes away what he’s learnt and likes to practice at home. He has a lot of fun at his session! All the coaches are great with the kids. Great work! Louise Vishram, Warrington Mini Strikers

“Since Bobby started football he has come on so much. Happy with his progress.” Michelle Richards, Warrington Mini Strikers

He has progressed during the weeks and always wants to practice his skills. He is also getting into watching all football. Confidence has grown. I would just like to add that all lessons are enjoyable and George looks forward to coming.” Dan Morris, Warrington Mini Strikers

“George is progressing well. There’s huge improvements in his skill and confidence than when he started in March. Overall, great coaching.” Gary Monks, Warrington Mini Strikers

“Blake enjoys his training and is getting more and more confident as time goes on. Thank you for all you do to support my son.” Lydia Taylor-Crooke, Warrington Mini Strikers

“My child is gradually getting the hang of ‘foot’ rather than just picking the ball up. Also he is better playing with other kids. I think you’re doing a great job with the kids!” Mathew Mairs, Warrington Tiny Strikers

“He is really enjoying himself and I am suprised how well he is starting to listen already, really glad we enrolled him in this programme. Thanks !” Michelle Hill, Warrington Mini Strikers

“I was worried as he had only mixed with people who he went to nursery with. It was a big challenge for Jack to mix with new people.

Jack fitted in really well and made new friends. He has learned a lot of new skills in the 12 months he has been here which have contributed to him gaining a place at Liverpool FC’s Academy.” Tracy Grundy, Warrington. Mini Strikers

“Bradley has improved on tackling, dribbling the ball and shooting. Great!”
Stephen Wrench, Birchwood. Mini Strikers


“He’s gained in confidence, team playing as well as football skills. I think the training sessions are great, well structured and pitched to the ability of the children. It’s not easy keepoing 4 year olds entertained for an hour!” Clair Ralphson, Gt. Sankey. Mini Strikers

“The sessions are very well planned. We’ve seen his general football skills drastically improve. He’s improved listening to instructions and imporved his co-ordination.” Kirstie Cunliffe, Warrington. Mini Strikers


“Dom has learnt new ball skills that he has used when playingmatches. Improved at staying on his feet when kicking the ball. All very good, very happy.” Clair Brewer, Warrington. The Academy

“Enjoyable. Excellent supervision and interaction with children.” Dr. Zaf Malik The Academy

“We had reservations of whether he would like it and would he keep it up. He loves it. Very well organized. Excellent teacher.

It’s improved his football skills, team skills, social skills, sharing / passing and enjoyment. All round very good.

It’s (Mini Strikers) very well organized, enjoyed the sessions, excellent course and we’re back in September!” Julie Cooper

“As he had not played football before we were not sure if he would like it. But the relaxed and fun atmosphere at the Academy ensured he quickly settled in.

He has become more confident and has also begun to understand the importance of working and playing as part of a team.” Blair Fotheringham Mini Strikers

“We were worried as he is a bit shy but the coach and other kids were great and made him feel at home. He’s adapted quickly and is a lot more confident now.

He is better at listening and understanding instructions. He looks forward to coming – every morning he wakes up and asks if he is going to football today.” David Butler Mini Strikers

He has really improved his game in all aspects and also his confidence has improved. He loves all the sessions run. Coach Ij keeps the kids interested in all the sessions by making it fun for them. Keep up the good work.” Colin Mushet The Academy

“Patrick has grown in confidence and learned to be a team player.” Sean McCool, Sankey. Mini Strikers

“We were concerned whether he would be able to concentrate for the full hour (being only 4 years old). But he enjoyed the sessions and was kept busy throughout with well structured activities so the hour flew by.

He has improved his football skills – ball control and tackling and understanding he must not pick up the ball with his hands.

I have been very pleased with all aspects of the course.” Katie Brassington, Warrington. Mini Strikers

“He has improved his dribbling skills with both feet and target shooting. Striker Academy is well organised and the trainer has the children’s attention and they enjoy the good mix of skill development and the session is fun.” Mr. Shepherd Todd Mini Strikers

“We were worried if he would be in the same age group (which he was). He has become more confident. We are very happy with what is coached every week and every week is varied.” Celeste Abbott Mini Strikers

“I didn’t know if the standard of training would suit him. The training is excellent and there is a variety of different games. This has improved his ball control.” Mark Welsby Mini Strikers

“We wondered how he would get on and if he would enjoy it being only 3 years old. The coach is very patient and understanding with littles ones. He has improved his confidence and following instructions and his ball skills.” C. Ralphson Mini Strikers

“We were worried if the class might be too advanced. But the class is suitable for the age group. He has better football skills and more confidence. He is thoroughly enjoying the sessions.” Angela Keen Mini Strikers

“I had reservations of whether he would like it and how he would get on with the older boys in The Academy. He fitted in well as there is a great atmosphere and one-to-one coaching.

“Absolutely fantastic. It has improved his confidence no end and given him the impetus to now join a club. The course has far exceeded my expectations” Gareth Fryar The Academy

“He has two clubs he plays for but enjoys Striker Academy alot more and looks forward to going every week. He says he learns a lot more.” Taz Sadiq The Academy

He has enjoyed Striker Academy alot. He enjoys the fact there isn’t too many children and he can learn a lot more from it. It’s great!” Lisa Ellis The Academy

“He has really enjoyed Striker Academy. It has made him more confident and improved his skill level. He looks forward to coming each week. I thought the whole course was well run.” David James The Academy

“Very enjoyable” Amer Siddiq The Academy