Mental Strength Course

German players attend the Mental Strength course at Striker Academy

German players attend the Mental Strength course at Striker Academy

Our Mental Strength Course runs throughout the year and across the Northwest of England. If you are a team and are interested in booking Imtiaz to run a session for your club then please get in touch.

Sessions are also available for individual players who are looking to use the best in Sports Psychology to help them develop essential mental skills for them to progress to the next level. Please call for the latest details.

What Is A Mental Strength Course?

Mental Strength is a term commonly used in Sports Psychology to define a set of techniques that will help a player develop the following:

  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Recovery (from injury, bad form, being released etc)
  • Mental Training
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Belief
  • Desire & Motivation
  • Playing in the ‘Zone’
  • Winning Mentality

Who Is It For?

We only accept players that are serious about developing their game to their highest level possible.

Not everyone who attends our courses is looking to become a professional player however everyone is serious about their own development no matter what level they play at – and these are the players that this course will help to succeed.

We work with individual players one to one, in a group and we work with whole teams at various different levels from Amateur to Professional level.

Who Runs the Course?

All courses are led by Imtiaz Jamil who is Striker Academy’s Head Coach and Master Trainer. He is the author of ‘Think Better, Play Better’ a book devoted to helping players use their mind and mental strength techniques to become the best they can be. He is currently writing his new book which will be available via Amazon soon.

Imtiaz has been coaching since 2003 and has helped many players get in to some of the country’s (and Europe’s) top academies, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Everton. Imtiaz has also worked with players from the USA and Germany.

How Do I Apply?

Please call our office to find out more details and to register for the next available course.

If you are looking for 1-1 Mental Strength training then we will organise a mutually convenient date.

If you are looking to bring Imtiaz in to your club/team for Mental Strength training then we will look to find a suitable date.

How Long Do the Courses Run For and How Much?

We provide group courses, team training and 1-1 training. Each course is tailored to your needs and we can focus on the areas that are required by you. For example we run the following courses (costs are per person):

  1. 1 hour Confidence Building Course £49
  2. 1/2 Day Mental Strength Course £199
  3. Full Day Mental Strength Course £399
  4. Bespoke 1-1 Mental Strength Training £please call
  5. Team Mental Strength Training from £1549 per team