Striker Academy Club Partner Program

Check availability by calling 0800 756 9835.

If you’re looking for specialist striker training for your club players then Striker Academy can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Whether it’s striker training for a team, an age group, the whole club or Coach Education we can provide your organisation with exactly the same kind of training and methodology that has helped us get players into some of the country’s major football clubs.

Player Training

We use exclusive training methods and equipment that can help your players excel in many areas including:

1. Shooting technique and accuracy

2. Attacking Play

3. Explosive Speed

4. Confidence and Self Esteem

5. Decision Making and Quick Thinking

Any Player Program will be developed with your club and coaches to enhance and compliment your existing training methods. We have the expertise to train Mini Soccer players and Youth Players from ages 5 to 17.

Coach Education

A clubs investment in its coaching stock always pays dividends and ultimately benefits the players that attend your club. Better coaches with better knowledge attract better players and more players.

We can train your coaches to provide world class striker training sessions, organise striker training session plans and provide support for your coaches.

If your club is intersted in finding out more information about either services or any other service that may not be listed, you can  email any questions to or call 0800 756 9835 during office hours.


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