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Striker Academy Striker Training Certificate Level 1

Various Dates, see below. £57

Over the past years we have accumulated information that has helped to define our coaching methodology at Strikercoaching-workshop Academy.

Our coaching has helped many young players become high quality strikers for their club teams and our methods have helped players go on and play for some of the world’s top youth academies including Liverpool, Everton and Manchester City.

We have learnt some very important things along the way. So important that we feel other dedicated coaches and teachers should learn them too.

To facilitate this knowledge sharing process we have developed the Striker Academy Level 1 Striker Training Certificate.

This 3 hr course course is split into 3 modules:

Module 1

  • Striker Academy Coaching Methods and Philosophy

Module 2

  • Age specific Striker Training drills and games to take back and use in your school, club or academy

Module 3

  • Striker Psychology: what your strikers and attacking players should be thinking and when. Including confidence in front of goal, quick recovery after mistakes and misses, mental toughness during bad form

The course is a mixture of lectures and practical training sessions which will give attendees the benefit of both the theory and the theory in action.

 Striker Training Certificate Course Instructor

Imtiaz Jamil

Imtiaz Jamil

The Striker Training Certificate will be delivered by Striker Academy’s head coach, Imtiaz Jamil who has been responsible for developing the Academy’s coaching program since 2009.

Imtiaz is a leading authority on children’s football psychology and is author of  ‘The Secrets To Successful Soccer Coaching’ a book specifically designed to help coaches utilise the power of the mind to help develop their players to their fullest potential.

Imtiaz’s ability to motivate and empower has seen players under his wing develop the talent and desire to succeed at the highest level with some now playing at the world’s top youth academies including:

Liverpool FC

Manchester United FC

Manchester City FC

Everton FC

Bolton FC

Imtiaz has also worked with grassroots clubs to help develop players. And it is here where his passions lie. His philosophy of developing strong individuals to create strong teams is evident in all of his work and it’s a mission of his to instil this philosophy where ever he coaches.

The aim of the Striker Training Certificate is to give coaches a solid foundation of knowledge so they can confidently add Striker Training into their coaching syllabus.

This course has been developed so any coach, regardless of experience, can easily implement an effective Striker Training Program into their season’s session plan.

Why Striker Training?
Being a striker and wanting to score goals is the desire of almost every player, young and old. As a coach you can utilise this powerful desire to motivate your team, empower your players and instil a work ethic like you’ve never seen before.

By adding specific striker training sessions into your season’s coaching plan you will give your players a much needed boost and make your training sessions even more effective. Striker Training will excite your players and create a fantastic opportunity for them to bond and become the team you want them to be and give you the respect you deserve to get.

All course attendees will receive:

Course Materials
Soccer Success eBook (worth £14.99)
Striker Academy Level 1 Certificate in Striker Training

2014 Course Dates

Sept TBC – Warrington, UK
Oct TBC – Warrington, UK
Nov TBC- Warrington, UK
Dec TBC – Warrington, UK

Group discounts are available for groups of 5 or more.
Can’t make it to Warrington? Get Striker Academy to come to you! Call 0800 756 9835 for more information.

For more information on availability or to book yourself on to the course of your choice email or call freephone 0800 756 9835 during office hours.

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  1. Dawn September 8, 2014 at 1:50 pm Permalink


    I am interested for my 12 year old son to come to your striker classes, do you have any dates or venues for September/October?

    D Burns

    • admin September 8, 2014 at 6:11 pm Permalink

      Hi Dawn

      We have group training classes that have just started. They are at Gt. Sankey High School, Football Pitch, 11 am Sunday mornings. Let me know if that is what you’re looking for or something else. Thank you.


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