Developing Child Champions

Striker Academy Soccer Schools is in a very proud position to be involved with the development of young children, helping them to become better at football. We’ve also been blessed to coach some amazing young footballers who one day could play for their dream clubs in the Premier League and beyond.

Many children that come through the ranks at Striker Academy are already being selected and scouted to train at some of the UK’s biggest and best Academies which is a testament to our unique training methods and exceptional staff and coaches.

Our vision for every child is to offer them the best in technical coaching, sports science and nutrition so they gain the best habits from an early age. This develops strong foundations and enables children to learn and develop their individual style and skills in an atmosphere that is fun, engaging and rewarding.

The atmosphere and environment at every class – whether it’s our Group Training classes or 1-1 Football Coaching – helps to build a child’s confidence and self esteem because this is when we really get to see what a child is capable of.

At Striker Academy we embrace and use the latest Sports Psychology methods because we understand that a child – or indeed any player of any age -needs to know how to use their mental abilities to be able to perform at his or her best.

Without confidence a child will just play. With confidence a child will play without fear, they’ll play with style, they’ll try their skills out and they’ll play with flair.

Developing a child’s confidence and mental ability is a skill not every coach possesses. It comes with the experience of dealing with a broad range of ages and it comes with understanding the needs of children.

That’s why our coaching staff are carefully selected. They are not only required to be qualified and experienced in this specialist field but they have to have an aptitude to connect with children and have the very special ability to bring out the best in children.

Our coaches have played and continue to play an instrumental role in developing ‘Child Champions’. We’ve been doing it since 2009.

Because we understand the needs of professional clubs this offers a unique possibility to all children at Striker Academy of being developed in a way that these clubs want to see.

All of the big four clubs in the Northwest are desperate to find talented young players that can one day stand on their respective pitches and become the household names of the future. And Striker Academy is honoured to be in a position to help those young players on their way to bigger and better things.

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