Player Assessment

Our Player Assessment sessions are the ideal choice for parents who are looking to find out if their child has a chance of getting scouted and for

Ashton scouted for Everton FC Academy

Ashton scouted for Everton FC Academy

parents who want to know what it will take for their child to become a professional football player.

There is a notion that some children are destined to become professional footballers regardless. Some people believe that players are blessed with a ‘special gift’ from an early age. Whilst others still think that it’s pure talent that gets you spotted.

Whatever your views on how children get scouted and get on that path to professional football, our experience of working with children of all abilities and helping them on that road to success will be of high interest to you.

If your child has a passion for football and has a dream, a vision to become the best then our Player Assessment session will help you to determine the best next steps to help your child on that wonderful journey to the top.

The Player Assessment session is designed to help parents and players understand what is required to become a professional football player. It will help you make an informed decision, with the help of our most experienced and professional coaches, on what to do next to help you progress and succeed.

You want to give your child the very best chance of making it and we have many years of football coaching experience and a pedigree that is envied across the United Kingdom in helping children get scouted for some of, arguably, the best Premier League Academies in the country. We’ve helped hundreds of children progress and many of them are now playing in Academies for the likes of Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC, Manchester City FC and Everton FC.

Children’s football, especially elite football, is highly competitive and you’ll need the correct advice and guidance to make sure your child is doing the right type of training, eating the right foods and training for the right times for optimal performance.

You’ll also want to know if you’re child has chosen the right path. Nobody wants to be disappointed and nobody wants their child to follow a path that is going to lead to heartbreak. This is where our Player Assessment service can help and put things into perspective and inform you of what it really takes to get to the top.

Sam, 9, scouted for Manchester City FC

Sam, 9, scouted for Manchester City FC

Who Is The Player Assessment For?

If you’re unsure whether your child has the ability to make it, or you need to know what’s required to get to the top or you just need expert advice and guidance on what needs to be done, then the Player Assessment is exactly what you need.

Our professional coaches will provide honest and unbiased advice, recommendations and guidance to make sure your child is heading on the right path to secure their future in football. We are not linked to any club which means we can provide the best advice for your child.

Parents travel from all the over the UK and internationally to access our services. We are conveniently based in the Northwest of England and are nearby to major motorway routes (M6, M62), West and East Coast rail services and 2 major international airports (Manchester and Liverpool) within a 20 minute taxi ride.

What To Expect

A Player Assessment session entails training, advice, guidance and recommendations. For a limited time we are also providing a written report, worth £47, so you don’t miss a thing and you have everything to hand. Each assessment includes:

  • 30 minutes Physical Assessment – speed, ball control, strength, power, shooting, accuracy, ball mastery, technical & tactical ability
  • 15 minutes Mental Assessment – mental strength, confidence building, self esteem
  • 15  minutes Next Steps – advice, recommendations and guidance on what to do next
  • A full written Report emailed to you after the session with all our advice, training recommendations and your scores

How Much is a Player Assessment?

Player Assessments are only £197 per player, per session payable in advance by debit or credit card.

How To Book A Player Assessment

Booking your Player Assessment is easy. Simply call our office on freephone 0800 756 9835 and book a time that is convenient for you. We accept most major credit/debit cards. Bookings are strictly by appointment only and take place in a private training facility.

Places are very limited so please make sure you book in plenty of time to avoid any disappointment.